Fanny Pack of the Week!

This fella looks like he can survive a few days in the desert wearing that fanny pack — all he has to do is toss the video camera and fill it with food. And he’s already got the hat.

(By Kelan)


6 responses to “Fanny Pack of the Week!

  1. it seems he’s just wearing his backpack on his front

  2. If you’re judging by size and urban preparedness, that should be the fanny pack of the year!

  3. I think he looks friendly. And what kind of bag is there for older gents to use, while on vacations?


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  6. i eat lunch in the summer time where he’s standing. he’s trying to get a photo of the sears tower more than likely. it shames me to see these people in my city. i usually bump into them while they are taking their photos.

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