Fanny Pack of the Week!

Subways are shakey but there’s no reason to look like you’re sliding down the pole stripper style. For most of us, keeping the balance with one hand is enough…unless there’s a huge fanny pack (and camera bag) weighing us down.

(by specialkrb, who adds “she kept calling her husband Papa Bear — he’s the sullen looking one sitting down and sporting a Hawaiian shirt.” 



9 responses to “Fanny Pack of the Week!

  1. I would recognize the shitbox MBTA trains anywhere.

  2. That outfit is horrible. Why do people think they are invisible when they are on vacation? There is NO EXCUSE for clothes that casual if you’re not at the gym. I die a little inside everytime I see someone in public wearing sweats. In my hell, the devil wears knit.

  3. EVERYONE in that pic looks sullen.

  4. I’m all for comfort, but she looks like I do on laundry day – ready to tackle anything.

    If she’s on vacation, life sucks. I’m fairly casual, but when I go on vacation I try to spiff it up a bit more than I do for running around town. And certainly more than I do for laundry and other chores.

    If she got any more comfortable she’d fall asleep.

    Lol on the stripper pole move.

  5. Specialkrb – I think that little girl totally caught you snapping the photo. 🙂

  6. Call me old-fashioned, but I think her bigger problem is “Papa Bear” letting her stand while he takes up more than his share of seat. You can just picture them getting on and him doing the old “pretend to offer the seat but sit your fat ass down before offeree has time to respond” trick.

  7. hahahaha just totally did a search for myself and found this post. btw, she had the backpack on too, but she handed it to her Papa Bear when he nabbed the seat.

  8. it’s like she’s waiting to get offered a make over from the gals over at the umpteenth hour of the today show.

  9. And then the train starts to move and they all go, “AAAAA!” at the same time, followed by fits of laughter. Oh, tourism. Such fun.

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