Like father, like son

Turning your kid into a fanny-pack carrying machine needs to begin at a young age…By third grade, he should already be posing next to the Albert Einstein statue in your nation’s capitol and carrying his own giant plastic bottle of water. That way, by age 40 he’ll have enough practice to sport the largest fanny pack we’ve ever seen…

(by Ryan, who spotted the duo on his lunch break)


4 responses to “Like father, like son

  1. i stumbled across your site when i was writing an article for a travel blog i work for…..yes it was on fannypacks. this site made my day! so so so funny. i am currently traveling and hope that i can contribute some tourist fashion disasters soon. thanks for the laugh

  2. I’m guessing, he’s a Boy Scout. 😉

  3. Pink Bunny Fashion Academy

    OMG. How is he even standing upright?

  4. seriously… where in gods name did he ever find such an enormous fanny pack…

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