Paying for Love in Thailand…

Oh how we miss the sketchy tourists looking for ass throughout Thailand. Gross.

Or maybe, just maybe, this nice friendly Western man was simply asking for directions to the nearest pad thai place…


by nogoodreason


Hangin’ Out in the Big Easy

In a bad economy, some fanny-pack-wearing tourists have switched from hanging out at cafes with overpriced drinks to just plain old sitting on someone’s door stoop…we’re just waiting for the flasks to come out.

3284670250_9eebdc00af(by Loulou)

Say cheese…or not

It seems as if this family needs to take a break from traveling…and possibly each other.

notsmiling1(by John Glass)


Visiting Graceland (circa 1995)

A few days ago, we got a mysterious photo in our inbox…and we were curious to know the story, so we asked for more info.

Here, an admission from Roy. “It’s actually me. I was performing on a bus & truck tour [in Graceland]–you had to carry your valuables with you at all times, or take a chance and leave things in the sometimes sketchy hotels, so I have too many pics with that damn thing. My shirt says, ‘GAY American’… I really should know better. I’m ashamed, but I do have a sense of humor.  Go ahead and mock me. But I would like to say that I haven’t worn one since. ”

Thanks Roy, no mocking needed–the photo says it all…

Anyone else care to send us some 80’s or 90’s pics of your own tourist adventures? We’ll be nice, promise.


Monks on the Town

Apparently, Vietnam is a hotspot for Thai monks. Though we are a bit suspicious of the one with the giant camera on his neck… isn’t monkhood supposed to be a time of austerity? 

seasia-393(by H)

Is Santa a tourist like the rest of us?

He was spotted near Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio just before Christmas and (according to Brooke, our reader) looked like he was going to consume lots of wine. (We agree, dealing with all those bratty kids in one night would drive us to drink as well.)


Blog hop: Italy, with a non-touristy twist

Tiny Tourist

We take a break from our usual weirdos-with-fannypacks schtick to bring you this wonderfully cute traveler. Enjoy. And we hope this photo makes you smile instead of realize that this cute little kid may one day grow into a very annoying tourist.

3291233921_a797397c61(by emrank)